Marketing Cloud? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Email studio is great channel for reaching customers, email is better in conversions, Customers trust email It’s easy to track customer behavior -like which emails they open, which links they click, which offers they redeem, and on which devices. It offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries on various internet-connected devices. This requires immediate matching to find the right person in the supplier’s database, and, sure enough, matching was another popular technology on the show floor. With a reported 90,000 attendees (I didn’t count them personally), the show is fragmented into many different experiences. It therefore makes sense to view the data-related systems as a cluster of capabilities that will develop as parts of single ecosystem, collectively raising the utility and importance of external data to marketers. Nor, for that matter, does it make sense to structure lead nurturing programs to lead (or follow) buyers from one stage to the next. The point is this: if buyers don’t move through a fixed set of stages, then it doesn’t make sense to use lead scoring to determine which stage a buyer is at. But I’ve long felt that an automated, predictive-model-based scoring service was a major business opportunity because it would replace the time-consuming, complicated, and surely suboptimal lead scoring models that most companies now build by hand, usually with little basis in real data.

The second theme, considerably less grand, was lead scoring. Of course, there are plenty of other predictive modeling systems available for marketers, but I’m excited because I don’t think anyone else has made model-based lead scoring as simple as the KXEN offering. You can set up personalized lead scoring based on criteria that you decide, to evaluate how qualified prospective buyers are. As I mentioned earlier, data and lead scoring were themes that emerged for me during the conference. My problem is the concept of lead stages themselves. A closely related trend is real-time, on-demand access to the external data: say, when a salesperson views a lead record or a lead is first added to marketing automation. Of course, this isn’t new but it seems that external sources are becoming increasingly important. Such APIs are available to varying degrees for other marketing automation products too, so an app marketplace isn’t quite as huge a leap as it may seem. The fundamental criticism is that decision making isn’t as rational as AIDA suggests because emotions play a much stronger part than AIDA allows.

Invocable.Action is a new Apex class that allows you to call invocable actions from Apex code. The Journey Builder module does exactly what it says on the tin; it allows you to build automated journeys for your prospects. Its main product, MailChimp, is an email marketing platform that allows you to schedule automated emails and track their results. I did attend the main keynote and the “marketing cloud” announcement, but neither contained major product news and the basic story – that social networks change everything – was true but far from novel. The main focus of every business owner is to grow the business by generating higher cash flow. Its e-signatures are legally accepted and authorized for most personal transactions and business dealings in almost every country across the world. If you are looking for these results, you need a Salesforce partner that fully understands your business needs, chalks out the best Salesforce Implementation strategy and executes it seamlessly. We’ll start with looking at each of them separately.

But only the most besotted booster would argue that it will replace, rather than supplement, traditional methods. That will determine the price and quality of your product. From a technical standpoint, the modeling is nothing new, and indeed the people I met at the KXEN booth seemed to feel the product was barely worth discussing. A final component is continued growth in the reporting, analytics, and predictive modeling systems that make productive use of the newly-available data. What about the pieces not in there, such as web content management, customer analytics, testing and optimization, ad management, and so on? But traditional marketing clouds, built for a bygone era, slow them down because they lack the ability to collect customer data into one unified view. The area is one that marketers of all types should monitor to keep competitive. 65% of marketers say that SMS marketing is a “very effective” method for them, and SMS open rates are as high as 98% compared to 20% of all emails.

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