There’s a Right Way to Talk about Marketing Cloud And There’s Another Way…

Or, even more directly, will Adobe offer pretty much the same capability? At the same time, AgilOne gives Acquia a stronger story in retail and other B2C markets where it has been less active. AgilOne is a particularly good fit because it’s better than many CDPs at identity matching, including offline as well as online data. AgilOne will also gain by integrating with some of Mautic’s features, notably email and SMS delivery and complex customer journey management. None of the other companies trying to follow Acquia’s approach of expanding from Web content management to DXP has yet purchased a CDP. Enterprise software development, management and maintenance are not easy. With Software as a Service (SaaS), subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee to access the software through the company’s site, desktop app, and/or mobile app. Salesforce Pardot and Braze integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Salesforce Pardot and Braze connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools. With previous tools there was no feedback loop back to Marketing Cloud or back to Sales Cloud.

They’re frequently updated. In many cases, SaaS tools know they need to keep users engaged so they don’t jump ship to a competing company; this means they’re constantly staying competitive with new features, updated apps, and even special offers. This way, we will have the contacts from each form stored in different Marketing Cloud extensions with Salesforce’s unique identifiers, so we can immediately impact users and have all the information in Salesforce’s CRM automatically, without the need for queries to retrieve the information. Query results can create an alert or task for someone to investigate. By relying on an outside organization to take care of all aspects of IT hosting and infrastructure, the business owners gain more time that they can devote to reaching business goals and satisfying customers. If you want to grow your business or become successful, you need to incorporate digital marketing in your mainstream business strategies. But they’ll all need CDP functions so don’t be surprised to see more deals along those lines. It provides everything a salesperson needs to attract quality leads, engage in contextual conversations, drive deals with AI-powered insights, and nurture customer relationships.

The providers have performed the most excellent quality testing so there is nothing to worry regarding its performance. I interpret this to mean that these vendors were either adding resources for a push to reach the industry top tier or have already decided they need to be part of something else. I expect to see current CDP vendors take both approaches, even as new entrants continue to appear. Put in a broader context, adding a CDP as a module inside a DXP is an example of CDP as a component within large marketing or even operational systems, something I refer to as “CDP Inside”. Of course, Salesforce is already far along in work on its own CDP, the Customer 360 Audiences component of Customer 360 Truth, which is due for general release around June. That problem is the need of marketers (and others) to combine data from all sources into easily accessible customer profiles.

Those profiles are needed for accurate targeting and consistent, satisfying customer experiences. While the exact meaning of DXP is a bit fuzzy, it surely involves coordinating and personalizing customer experiences across channels. Acquia itself was purchased in September by Vista Equity Partners for $1 billion, which obviously supports their DXP strategy. The deal follows Acquia’s May 2019 purchase of open source marketing automation platform Mautic and September 2019 purchase of site building tool Cohesion. The CDP market won’t get any simpler but buyers should have increasingly clear choices, so buying a CDP may become a bit less complicated. Policies are not connected to agreements or business flows, although this may change in the future. But the alerts issued by the policy, agreement, and business flow components do help users to identify violations. Asset sales aside, these are all ways for companies to strengthen their business more quickly than organic growth permits. Events in the past six months (stretching a bit to include early January 2020) include seven new funding rounds, three acquisitions of CDP vendors, four acquisitions by CDP vendors, and four asset sales by CDP companies. Similarly, most recent investment on the Delivery layer has been acquisitions (IBM/Silverpop, Oracle/Responsys, Teradata/Appoxee, etc.), which is a sharp contrast from the heavy venture capital funding a couple of years back.

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