Will Eloqua Cloud Ever Die?

Can you integrate your data with Sales Cloud? For instance, regular blogs on the ingredients used in your gluten-free baked goods with proper use of keywords and optimal leverage of your social accounts, can help your business get traction, customers and ultimately sales. Braze facilitates interaction between brands and their customers by creating digital tools to answer the needs of both. The data must be processed during the load – a computation-intensive task that takes longer than creating a simple columnar database. The schema must be designed, which requires some technical expertise and can lead to slower response for queries outside the expected paths. It quickly rises to $2,499 to embed units in emails, post data other than basic lead capture, support mobile formats, and use IP-address information for targeting. The choice of hierarchy also inherently organizes data around “concepts”, which can be different from the physical structures of the inputs.

The process repeats, working up a hierarchy of combinations. The system doesn’t build pairs for all possible combinations of data elements, although users can define several hierarchies if they want the same element to be part of several pairs. It then builds new pairs by identifying unique combinations of each pair with another element (which might itself be previously-identified pair). The system also tracks the number of times each pair occurs and the specific records involved, so the full detail of the original data can always be reconstructed. The second pass might find all transactions with that product/date pair that were made by a given customer. I’d say they’re good news for marketers, who will increasingly find social marketing functions available within core marketing platforms, ending the need to integrate separate products. Both Marketo and Oracle already offer robust marketing platforms, so they presumably see social media as a supplement rather than a replacement. The acquisitions are more problematic for marketing automation vendors, who now need to build, buy, or connect with social marketing systems to remain competitive. Its core is a data structure that sits somewhere between columnar – now the most common approach for analytical processing – and hierarchical indexes.

Since this particular mystery ranked somewhere between the fate of Amelia Earhardt and Nacza Lines in my personal priorities, I didn’t investigate further. The unique power of the system lies within the filters, which can select data that’s outside the standard dimensions. It’s strength lies in the workspaces it allows users to create. By contrast, users design the flows by filling out a simple form within Kwanzoo and then receive HTML snippets – simple calls to Kwanzoo-hosted URLS – that can be embedded anywhere. There are simple graphics such as bar and pie charts, but no advanced visualization. Of course, there are still plenty of small marketing automation vendors, but the gorillas will attract many of their clients and scare away potential investors. Presently there are certain players who have sighted some opportunities and entered this field. If there’s a real trend in the recent acquisitions, it’s that a handful of large companies are building digital marketing suites and either offering them as software (IBM, Teradata, SAS, Oracle, SAP) or combined with marketing services (FICO, Experian, maybe Harte-Hanks). The Eloqua integration is especially elegant, using an Eloqua Cloud Connector (i.e., a parameterized API call) that makes the Kwanzoo pages available within Eloqua’s own content builder and can read Eloqua cookies in real time to help guide the response selection.

Secure Call Recordings: Record and track conversations securely from your Vtiger dashboard. With this idea, the need and importance of customer relationship management platforms are increasing, with Salesforce becoming the common call for all. CloudMasonry is a leading provider of Salesforce consulting services for large and small organizations across the US. Fewer competitors make it harder for buyers to get a good deal and big suites tend to be less innovative than small specialists. It’s probably no coincidence that the recent acquisitions have been small companies, not the better known marketing automation players: the buyers have wanted technology, which is hard to develop, more than market position, which they already have. There’s certainly a market today for this approach: Kwanzoo has landed about 25 clients since its launch in 2010 and seems to be growing nicely. Quantivo launched as a cloud-based service in 2008 and has an undisclosed number of paying clients. Designing a schema is relatively simple: in fact, Quantivo plans to add self-service data provisioning, including schema design, in the near future.

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